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Apply to become a Vendor at Old Time Finds and we will contact you with available space options. Have questions about becoming a Vendor with us, see the below FAQ section. 

Thanks for submitting! We'll send you an email (check your junk mail too).

  • What does Old Time Finds do for its Vendors?
    -We run the cash register so you can sell items without being present. -We pay all the store bills like water, electric, property insurance, etc. -We even pay your sales tax to the state so you don't have to! -We provide an ID to put on your price tags, and we credit your account for every item sold. -We create events and workshops to drive traffic to the store. -We write you a check on the 5th of every month for all of your sales. A detailed report of items sold from the month before is included with your check.
  • How does being a Vendor work?
    We choose a diverse group of quality shops to join our store. Each shop owner (often called a Vendor) rents a portion of the store and makes it their own. The Vendor is given a vendor id number that they put on their tags along with the cost and a brief description of the item. When customers find an item they want to purchase, they take the item to the front register where our staff enters the vendor number, description and price into our Point of Sale system which gives that Vendor credit for that item. At the end of the month, Old Time Finds cuts a check to the Vendor for their total sales. Vendors do not need to be present at the store to make sales. Just setup your space, tag your merchandise, and let us do the rest. You can open a new business and sell your products without the stress and expense of having your own brick and mortar store. You can open a shop AND keep your day job. We've even have had a few vendors who were so happy with how things were going, they quit their day job and became a full time Vendor!
  • How much does it cost?
    We charge a monthly rent for the space and a small commission on sales. These depend on which space you choose. Call the store for more information, 636-495-3900.
  • How long is a rental agreement?
    Rental agreements are month to month.
  • How do I rent a space?
    Fill out the application on this page. We’ll give you a call when space becomes available.
  • How does Old Time Finds select who becomes a Vendor?
    We look at all the applications we have on file and make a determination on who we feel would be the best fit for the specific space we have available. We take into account the size and location of the space, the quality and unique nature of the items for sale, the look of each space, and the experience of the Vendor.
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